We are here for you


We can imagine that your unplanned pregnancy or suspecting of an unplanned pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience – you may be feeling fearful, worried, alone, guilty, a sense of shame, etc. We like to let you know that we are here for you in this crisis situation. We like to be of help to you, do talk to us.

What we can offer you are as follows:

Counselling service – we have a pool of trained counsellors to listen to you and support you in this time of crisis. We will bring you through a process that enables you to gain a clearer perspective of your situation in order to make a wise and informed decision.


Free Pregnancy test Collaboration with medical professionals – we worked closely with some medical doctors who can provide medical consultation for you if necessary (this does not include any treatment or surgical procedure).


Parental intervention – if you need help to break the pregnancy news to your parents, we can do that for you.


Basic financial planning and referral for financial assistance – if you have financial constrain, we can assist you.


Pre-marital Counselling – if you are considering marriage, we can help you to decide whether you should and be prepared for it.


Collaboration with schools – if you are a student, we can help you to discuss a feasible plan with your school so that your studies will be as little affected as possible.


Collaboration with Shelter homes – if you are in need of a save place to stay during your pregnancy, we can assist.


Collaboration with adoption agencies – if you are considering letting your baby be cared and loved by suitable pair of parents, we can facilitate.


Collaboration with legal advisers – if you have any legal queries, we can assist you to seek some legal advises from our legal advisers (this does not include representing and acting for you legally).


Collaboration with other counselling agencies – we can refer you for personal, couple and family counseling if necessary.

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