Give life a chance

Life is precious and beautiful, and so are you and the life you are carrying. The crisis you are facing can be a time of transformation for you in your life. As Roger Crawford said, “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional. You are not alone for we are here to assist you in making this decision which is a difficult one – do contact us at 63399770 (your call is confidential). The decision you will make will affect your life forever. Give life a chance – give yourself a chance. (What decision will you make so that you will be proud of yourself when you look back in the 5/10/15/20 years time? Only you will have the answer.)

Development of the foetus (Facts of Life)

At one month:
Baby is an embryo, consisting of two layers of cells from which organs and body parts will start to develop

At two months:
Baby is now about the size of a kidney bean. Fingers are starting to develop and the baby will be constantly moving.

At three months:
Baby should be about 7 – 8 centimeters long and weighs about the size of a pea pod. Fingerprints have also been developed.

At four months:
Baby should be about 13 centimeters now. Rubbery cartilage will now start to become bones, forming the skeleton.

At five months:
Baby should be about 27 centimeters stretched out now. Eyelids and eyebrows would also have been in place.

At six months:
Baby’s wrinkled skin would start to smooth out due to putting on of baby fat.

At seven months:
Baby would be able to open and close eyes, probably even seeing the surroundings.

At eight months:
Layer of fats would start making the baby fuller and rounder. Lungs would also be developed at this point of time.

At nine months:
Baby is almost due. An average baby would be about 51cm long from head to toe and weigh about 3.4kg.