An unforgettable client

*Disclaimer: Stories put here are all personal accounts that the participants are willing to share.

I met Joey some years back who left a deep impression on me. Joey was in her twenties and was working in the service line. She met me with the intention to abort her child but was unsure of her decision. Joey was caught in a tough situation. Her boyfriend was a married man who promised to divorce his wife and marry her but failed to keep his promise and kept avoiding her. On top of that she was in a financial bind as she owed a large sum of money when she needed to invest on upgrading herself in her job.

I spent a few sessions with Joey to listen and guide her to make her decisions for herself and her child. I helped her work out a plan to help manage her finances including a repayment plan for her loan. In the process, I also asked her to reflect on the future with her boyfriend if she continued with the relationship. In the end, she decided to end the relationship. Moving forward, I assisted her in gathering her own resources from the network of support she had. Thankfully, Joey went through the whole pregnancy with her parents’ support.

After Joey gave birth, she kept in touch with me and one day, surprised me by bringing her baby to visit while I was on counselling duty. It was such a joy to look at the cute baby’s face and knew I had a part in saving it. Joey’s mother also thanked me for the help and encouragement given to her daughter during her pregnancy. Joey’s mother was so grateful that her daughter has grown to be a responsible, thoughtful and sensible person.

I admired Joey’s courage and her decision to choose life for her baby despite being a single mother. She is now a proud single mum, who puts her heart into raising her child together with the help of her family.