A second chance to start afresh

*Disclaimer: Stories put here are all personal accounts that the participants are willing to share.

My name is Margaret and at one time, my future seemed bright and full of promise. I just graduated from Polytechnic and was looking forward to starting a new career. I have started a serious relationship with Mike, whom I have known for over a year and was in love with. One day my hopes and dreams came crashing down when I found out that I was pregnant. I could not believe it was happening to me. I had so many questions, how could I afford to raise a child? My boyfriend is not ready to commit and settle down. Where are we going to live?

True enough, Mike was adamant that it was a mistake and asked me to terminate the pregnancy immediately. He gave all sorts of reasons such as my job and me not being ready to become a mother. On the internet, I found Pregnancy Crisis Service (PCS) and spoke to someone called Martha who invited me to come in for a chat. She assured me that there is a safe place I could go so that I could have my baby. They also arranged for my medical check-ups and in May, I delivered a healthy baby boy. I decided to let my baby be raised by a couple who really wants him in their family. Although it was very hard for me to give him up, I knew that it was the best thing for him.

Today, Mike and I are no longer together. I have learnt so much about making the right decisions and not being able to undo your mistakes. I look forward to moving on to the next chapter in my life and doing well. I would like to thank the counsellors and everyone at PCS for giving me their support and help, and being there for me every step of the way. I cannot thank them enough for what they have given me – a second chance to start afresh.